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We look forward to a long, mutually beneficial relationship with you. Our staff is determined to ensure that your experience with Drillco is always a positive one. If there is anything we can do to support you, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Drillco Cutting Tools
13011 S. Choctaw Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70815
Telephone:+1 (225) 272-8251
Toll Free:+1 (800) 851-3811
FAX:+1 (225) 273-9201
Toll Free FAX:+1 (800) 315-9225
E-mail: sales@drillco-inc.com

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Sales Representatives List

Agency Name Contact Name Cell Phone Email Areas Covered
Drillco Mike Howcroft 248-917-2927 mikeh@drillco-inc.com Director of Sales, Western USA
Drillco Jason Finch 864-434-0921 jfinch@drillco-inc.com Director of Sales, Eastern USA
Canow Western Bob Patch 909-239-0000 bob@canowinc.com Southern California
Canow Western Brad Poirier 858-437-7298 bradp@canowinc.com Southern California
Canow Western Mike Harris 909-632-3425 mikeh@canowinc.com CA, NV
Canow Western Nick Galbraith 909-709-1296 nickg@canowinc.com Southern Nevada, Las Vegas
Canow Western Brad Fendler 831-277-5694 bradf@canowinc.com Northern California
Canow Western David Israelson 818-554-9908 davei@canowinc.com N. CA, Valley, Reno
Canow Western Kelly Maggiore 714-458-1306 kellym@canowinc.com Southern California
Clay Dillard & Associates Clay Dillard 804-337-7805 claydillardsales@aol.com VA
Hobart Associates Don James 314-409-7548 donjr@hobartassociates.com MO,KS
Hobart Associates Joe Landers III 314-610-5977 joe@hobartassociates.com NE,IA
Infinity Sales & Marketing Bill Mueller 321-704-5514 bill@infinitysalesmarketing Florida
Lee S. Johnson Associates Kenneth Wilson 484-354- 3872 kennethkwilson@comcast.net E. PA, NJ, DE, MD, NYC
Lee S. Johnson Associates Lee Johnson Jr. 484-645-3820 lee@lsjainc.com E. PA, NJ, DE, MD, NYC
M.L. Harper & Company Mark L. Harper 585-738-0684 mark.harper@mlharperco.com NY (excluding NYC)
M.L. Harper & Company Mike Harper 585-738-8168 michael.harper@mlharperco.com NY (excluding NYC)
Morris Marketing Brandon DeWald 610-781-8466 bdewald@morrismarketing.net TN
Morris Marketing Brad Hawkins 864-325-0627 bhawkins@morrismarketing.net SC
Morris Marketing John Capps 704-516-4996 jcapps@morrismarketing.net NC
Morris Marketing Derek Cole 864-553-9543 dcole@morrismarketing.net AL
Morris Marketing Jonathan Hodges 404-663-0791 jhodges@morrismarketing.net All Morris States
Morris Marketing Josh Cordua 770-3559049 jcordua@morrismarketing.net GA
Morris Marketing Justin Faltermeier 864-612-0648 jfaltermeier@morrismarketing.net All Morris States
Morris Marketing Debby Jacobs 864-325-8447 djacobs@morrismarketing.net All Morris States
Morris Marketing Drew McBride 864-809-9680 dmcbride@morrismarketing.net All Morris States
Morris Marketing Chris Morris 864-787-3170 cmorris@morrismarketing.net All Morris States
Murphy Associates Keith Murphy 203-506-4535 murphykeith@sbcglobal.net ME, NH, RI, MA, CT, VT
OWK Kirk Thames 601-527-4166 kirkthames@Reagan.com MS
OWK Wilkins Thames wilkinsowkgroup@gmail.com MS
Regional Sales Co. Kyle Holbrook 303-886-6352 kyle@regionalsalescompany.com CO, MT
Regional Sales Co. Dave Fankell 303-888-4514 dave@regionalsalescompany.com CO
Regional Sales Co. Don Fankell 303-378-4313 don@regionalsalescompany.com WY, NM, Part of CO
Regional Sales Co. Dustin Fankell 602-621-0272 dustin@regionalsalescompany.com UT, EL Paso, AZ
Surpless, Dunn & Co Inc Jim Surpless 773-858-5697 jsurpless@surplessdunn.com All SD States
Surpless, Dunn & Co Inc Jim Brinkman 708-250-3883 jbrinkman@surplessdunn.com All SD States
Surpless, Dunn & Co Inc Dan Knudsen 612-590-1151 dknudsen@surplessdunn.com MN, ND, SD
Surpless, Dunn & Co Inc Kevin McClain 319-240-3054 kmcclain@surplessdunn.com Western Illinois
Surpless, Dunn & Co Inc David Graff 773-858-5684 dgraff@surplessdunn.com N. IL, N. IN
Surpless, Dunn & Co Inc Mary Witte 773-858-5688 mwitte@surplessdunn.com WI, UP MI
Surpless, Dunn & Co Inc Jeff Martin 773-858-5685 jmartin@surplessdunn.com S, IL
The Lawless Group Richard Lawless 214-695-8547 rlawless@lawlessgroup.com All Lawless States
The Lawless Group Mark Schindler 281-901-4283 schindler@lawlessgroup.com All Lawless States
The Lawless Group Eric Commander 225-241-2587 eric@lawlessgroup.com LA
The Lawless Group Mike Goodwin 972-697-5277 mgoodwin@lawlessgroup.com TX
The Lawless Group David King 713-557-1002 king@lawlessgroup.com TX
The Lawless Group Justin Schindler 281-989-5040 justin@lawlessgroup.com TX
The Lawless Group Jason Stephens 281-857-1843 jstephens@lawlessgroup.com TX
The Lawless Group Dennis Walsh 832-585-9010 walsh@lawlessgroup.com TX
The Lawless Group Kris McConniel 214-287-5503 kris@lawlessgroup.com TX
The Lawless Group Jim Weiss 214-728-7250 weiss@lawlessgroup.com TX
The Lawless Group Jack Westbrook 512-917-4652 westbrook@lawlessgroup.com TX
The Lawless Group Roger Davis 713-826-7640 roger.davis@lawlessgroup.com TX
The Lawless Group Keller Heard 281-380-7667 keller.heard@lawlessgroup.com TX
The Lawless Group Dave Judy 501-607-2419 dave@lawlessgroup.com AR
The Lawless Group Mike Martin 214-415-4741 m.martin@lawlessgroup.com OK
The Lawless Group Victor Stephens 713-248-0153 victor@lawlessgroup.com TX
The Lawless Group Ritchie Tregre 985-414-2875 ritchie@lawlessgroup.com LA
Trainor Associates, Inc. Ian Jones 330-350-1940 ijones@trainorassoc.com OH WV
Trainor Associates, Inc. Sam Code 626-926-2367 veteranrep@frontier.com Western MI
Trainor Associates, Inc. Jerry Petsch 248-797-1049 jerrypetsch@comcast.net Eastern MI
Trainor Associates, Inc. Chris Gauche 513-720-1112 cgauche@trainorassoc.com KY, OH, South IN
Trainor Associates, Inc. Kevin Conner 317-922-3358 kconner@trainorassoc.com Indiana
WG Wright & Associates Dave Wright 503-970-7442 davew@wgwright.com OR, AK, MT
WG Wright & Associates Dan Rucker 971-533-6993 danr@wgwright.com OR, WA
WG Wright & Associates Rex Friexe 503-502-4149 rexf@wgwright.com Portland Metro Area
WG Wright & Associates David Beckenhauer 206-450-4221 davidb@wgwright.com WA, AK
WG Wright & Associates Genna Deland 253-219-3635 gennad@wgwright.com WA
Agency Name Contact Name Cell Phone Email Areas Covered
Drillco Scott Wilson 647-524-1248 swilson@drillco-inc.com VP Of Sales, Canada
CIM Russ MacDonald 604-345-9055 russcim@shaw.ca British Columbia/Alberta,
Communikactions Marc Labelle 514-951-8661 marc.labelle@communikactions.com Western Quebec (Montreal)
Communikactions Daniel Goulet agencemdgoulet@gmail.com Eastern Quebec (Quebec City)
JCNS Consulting Joe Schirripa 416-878-2555 j.schirripa@sympatico.ca Ontario
LSG Agency Les Good 204-793-0207 lsg1@mymts.net SK, MB, N. ONT
Marathon Sales Agencies Jason Profitt 902-439-8585 jason@marathonsales.ca Atlantic Canada
Agency Name Contact Name Cell Phone Email Areas Covered
Sol Era, LLC Rodrigo Benavente 787-381-2971 solera1914@gmail.com Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands